Consulate of the Republic of Estonia

NSW, Australia

Mr Sulev Kalamäe

Estonian Honorary Consul in Sydney

Sulev has held this position since 15 March 2016 and operates in the State of NSW, Australia

The Consul’s Role

Honorary consuls are a traditional part of Estonia’s foreign representation abroad appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. They work on a part-time basis and exercise consular functions by representing the interests and rights of Estonian citizens with local authorities, and also promote bilateral cultural and economic relations with the Republic of Estonia.

The Consulate

56 Terry Street
Rozelle NSW 2039

Phone: +61 02 9818 1956
Mobile: +61 0414 601 050
Hours of Business: By Appointment

The Consulate’s Services

The Consulate in Sydney has jurisdiction across the State of New South Wales, and provides the following services:

  • Issuing Estonian passports and ID-cards;
  • Providing consular services and consular assistance to Estonian citizens, including translation services & the issue of emergency travel documentation;
  • Promoting Estonian political, economic, social and cultural life and exchanging information with the State of New South Wales ;
  • Establishing and furthering relations between Estonia and all levels of authorities and persons within NSW;
  • Monitoring political, economic, social and cultural life in NSW for the information and assistance of Estonia in developing stronger bilateral relations.

Contact the Consulate

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